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Departure is a much-beloved modern culinary exploration of Asia, brought to life through masterful remixes of land and sea. From street food-styled starters and meal-sized classics, to rice and noodle specialties to ethically sourced sushi, Departure will take you on a discovery of the flavors of the Far East. 

Though our Denver location is no longer open, we are pleased to offer Departure’s signature, ready-to-eat December Duck Month special, available for pre-order online for pick-up only on December 24, 25 and 31.

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Pre-Order Duck Month

Peking duck is prized for its delicate, crisp skin and is a highly revered dish in China. 

Our chef begins by curing the duck in 7-spice, salt and sugar overnight. The duck is then dipped in a blanching liquid of shaoxing wine, honey, salt and 7-spice and hung for 24 hours to dry the skin and concentrate the flavors. 

Finally, the duck is roasted for about an hour and flash fried to order. It is served with mandarin pancakes made from flour, water and duck fat along with traditional garnishes: cucumbers, sliced scallions and pickled kumquats. 

Chef also prepares a house-made plum sauce with ginger, chili and hoisin to spread on the pancakes and make mini wraps. Finally, enjoy duck fried rice prepared with rendered fat from the main course.

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